Who We Are

Our team combines passion, industry experience and a profound appreciation for helping our clients achieve and reach their growth goals. Our merchandising team is experienced across multiple product categories and is proficient at developing planograms, stocking/staging product, UPC tags and installing POP signs. They are efficient and detailed oriented with tear-down and setup of all grocery merchandising. We take great pride in producing timely results and ROI.


Dave Juarez, National Director of Merchandising

David Juarez is the National Director of Merchandising for FreshSource. He earned his degree in Business/Management from the University of Pheonix and has been in the food industry for over 27 years.general-button-ReadMore-25h

Shannon Dambach, Director of Retail Sales

Shannon Dambach is the Lead Retail Manager for FreshSource. Shannon has 20 years of experience specific to produce and natural foods.general-button-ReadMore-25h

Natalie Machado, National Director of Marketing

Natalie Junqueiro Machado is the National Director of Marketing for FreshSource. She graduated from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo in 2008.general-button-ReadMore-25h

Manual Juarez, Merchandiser

Manual Juarez is a Merchandiser. He has been in Customer Service/Sales Management for over 25 years with Delta Airlines, National Car Rental, and General Electric.


FreshSource North

Shawn Dagen, FreshSource North

Shawn Dagen has held management positions with Heublien/Diageo Wine and Spirits, Delicato Vineyards.


Marylou Ureta, Director of Retail Sales-FreshSource North

Marylou Ureta is the Director of Retail Sales for FreshSource North. She has worked for various Food Industry companies such as Campbell’s, Barilla, Kelloggs, and Bradshaw. However, once she entered the world of produce she knew where she wanted to stay!


Paige Cecil, Administrative Assistant-FreshSource North

Paige Cecil is currently the Administrative Assistant for FreshSource North. She has worked as an office manager, analyst and Junior Business Manager with several other brokers and has extensive experience in the industry.


Dave Haubert, Account Manager/Retail Merchandiser

Dave has been in the food brokerage business for the past 35 years. 10 years selling & merchandising…


Anthony Zagarella, Director of Retail North

Tony Zagarella is currently Director of Retail at FreshSource North. Tony joined the FreshSource team in December of 2013…


Jon Perez, Merchandiser

Jon Perez is currently a Merchandiser at FreshSource North. Jon joined the FreshSouce team in July of 2014…


FreshSource PNW

Leith Anderson, Vice President, FreshSource PNW

Leith Anderson is currently Vice President for FreshSource PNW. Based in Portland, Leith covers the Seattle, Portland, Spokane, and Boise markets for FreshSource.


Chris Powell, Retail Sales & Merchandising Manager, Washington

Chris brings an extensive background in CPG Retail, Foodservice, and Perishable Food Manufacturing with 20 years of experience including Albertson’s, US Foods, and most recently with Taylor Farms/Real Foods Northwest.


Kenneth Pierce, Retail Merchandiser, Southern Oregon

Ken is a seasoned grocery professional with 30+ years of experience in CPG Retail, Club/Drug/Mass, Brokerage, Dairy and DSD Bakery sales including Wonder Bread/Hostess, Select Sales, and most recently with Crossmark on the Land O’Lakes and Johnson & Johnson Teams.


FreshSource South

Nader Barooshan, Director of Retail South

Nader Borooshan is the Director of Retail South for FreshSource. Nader has 25 years of retail experience with various reputable companies such as Frito Lay, Haagen Daz Ice Cream Company, and Nestle Ice Cream division.general-button-ReadMore-25h

Brett Foulds, Business Development Manager FreshSource South

Brett Foulds is the Business Development Manager for FreshSource, LLC South.  He earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Hospitality Administration from UNLV in 2002.  He has worked in the produce industry since 2011.  


Mikaela San Chéz, Merchandiser-FreshSource South

Mikaela San Chéz is a Merchandiser in the Southern division. She has a background in merchandising for fine designer fragrances and enthusiastically made the transition to produce- a world of health, creativity and customer service that truly allows her to bring her best assets to serving her community.


Athena Thompson, Merchandiser-FreshSource South

Athena Thompson is a Merchandiser in the Southern division. Related to Freshsorce company owner Robert Thompson, Athena was born into the competitive world of produce, quickly forming her enthusiasm for the industry that allows her charisma to thrive.