Athena Thompson- Merchandiser, FreshSource South

Athena Thompson is a Merchandiser in the Southern division. Related to Freshsorce company owner Robert Thompson, Athena was born into the competitive world of produce, quickly forming her enthusiasm for the industry that allows her charisma to thrive. She also created a skill set and passion for the health industry that led her to join the family business in 2014. Recently, she has been dabbing into the social media marketing niche of produce and hoping to introduce innovative ideas to help FreshSource continue to grow. 

Athena Thompson enjoys spending time with family and close friends. She also volunteers full-time within the Thai speaking community, helping them transition and integrate their lives in a new country. Athena is a lover of travel and does this voluntary work internationally as well as locally. 

Favorite Quote

For physical training is beneficial for a little, but godly devotion is beneficial for all things, as it holds promise of the life now and the life that is to come.
-1 Timothy 4:8