Dara Wood, Retail Field Merchandiser & Sales Representative

Dara was with Advantage Solutions for 15 years where she learned the grocery business inside and out. She learned that this business is fluid and vast which allows room for changes and new ideas.

Recently Dara decided that a change was needed to keep things moving in the right direction for herself and family. Looking forward to meeting new clients and collaborating on new ideas to make the most success for each chain and gain trust for bigger projects.

Dara currently lives in the Central Valley with her husband Max of 22 years, son- Soren, 19 and daughter- Zoya, 16. They love to get to the beach as much as possible and love to travel home back east twice a year.

Dara is passionate about photography and amazing food! Dara husband Max, is really into Spartan racing, her son, Soren is presently working on what really makes him happy, and what he would like to do to start out on this big adventure called life, and her daughter, Zoya is working on getting into UC Santa Barbara for Marine Biology. Life for the Wood family is full of fun and amazing changes!