Hector Puchi, Director of Sales

Hector was first involved in the grocery business as a young boy, needing to stand on a milk crate, in order to bag groceries at his family’s business. That was the impetus, which resulted in a life-long career in the food industry, including retail management, sales, distribution, and brokering.

Hector recently spent the last three years at Premier Sales Solutions’ Phoenix, AZ office, where he enjoyed working as the Produce Business Development Manager. He is greatly looking forward to joining the FreshSource team as their Director of Sales – Arizona.

Hector’s immediate family includes his wife of 24 years, Rachel, and their daughter, Ima Jean. His wife works for the City of Phoenix in the Housing Dept. as a Compliance Manager, and his daughter is a teacher for the Clark County School District in Las Vegas, NV.

Hector enjoys all outdoor activities, especially participating in the many charitable running events around the Phoenix Valley. His favorite though, is grilling, trying new recipes, and sharing the results with family and friends.