Joseph Grana, Retail Field Manager and Sales Representative

Joseph was born and raised in California where he attended college in San Jose. He left San Jose early to pursue a career as a Professional golfer. Where he ended up spending over 20 years in the Golf Industry as a player, instructor and finally as the Director of Golf.

Left the teaching industry once he married and started a family and moved to Phoenix AZ.

He then decided to switch gears and go into Sales. Joe’s children lived out of state, so he traveled often to see them. While working for a small owner / operator swimming pool builder, Joe continued to develop his sales/ communication skills, while maintaining his own schedule to fly to see his children.

In 2008, Joe started working part time as a Retail Specialist, for different companies in the retail industry. Joe joined Empire foods and later transferred to Premier Sales Solutions, as a full time retail / sales employee.

In Joe’s free time, he enjoys spending time with his two teenage kids and playing golf at his local club, where he maintains a single digit handicap.