Outsourcing In-Store Merchandising & Retail Sales is a Mistake

While our competitors hire 3rd party merchandisers for support, we invest in our people (i.e., team photo above). We build and foster relationships, create equity with retailors, and position our clients for success 24/7/365. Tell us how we can help your brand by answering a few short questions.

Why Packaging Design
Is Important in
Today’s Grocery Market

Today’s grocery store features over 40,000 products from front to back – giving consumers more choices than ever before. Whether your product is a jar of spicy pickles or an all-natural energy drink – consumers tend to judge a product by its cover. You may think that the inside of your product packaging is all that matters but you couldn’t be more wrong…

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Robert Thompson, Founder and CEO, FreshSource, LLC, was recently featured in And Now You know

Robert Thompson, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, FreshSource, LLC, was recently featured in And Now You Know (anuk). “A call to action has been heard. While many industries and communities around the world are upside down, the fresh produce industry is rallying to help ensure retail partners’ shelves are as stocked as possible…

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FreshSource’s Robert Thompson Shares Gratitude for Frontline Team Members and Vendor Partners

It’s easy for things to fall apart in times of crisis, for communication to break down, and communities to gravitate toward their differences instead of the similarities. I get the strong sense that in our industry these are not the elements that define our actions in a crisis—but rather resiliency, unity, and strength do. Robert Thompson, Founder …

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The FreshSource Difference

FreshSource is a premier in-store merchandising and retail sales company that provides *Sales & Merchandising Solutions* for brands, both large and small. Unlike the majority of competitors, we facilitate in-store and retail sales requirements (i.e., onsite execution) in-house. Our team cultivates relationships with department managers, builds rapport with retailers, and ensure that the brands we represent our positioned to succeed. Our team is in-store daily and upload photo-documentation, activities, and journal to both management and product principals routinely.

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