To help buyers and decision makers fully grasp the products our principals brought to display, we hired Chef, Doris Kwon, to create fresh, tasty, appetizers for all participants to enjoy and better connect with the products flavor and potential. The aromas, creative presentation, and immense flavors created a buzz on the expo floor that generated a swarm of interest, discussions and in some cases — actual sales/negotiations.

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Our exhibitors were the center of attention, and our exhibit was awarded “Best in Show” thanks to the hard work of Natalie Machado, who worked tirelessly to organize and orchestrate everyone involved. In fact, we want to recognize and thank everyone who contributed to the success of this year’s Expo, as we know many of you dedicated your time, energy and resources to this event — so hats off to all who participated!

For those of you who did not get a chance to experience the Expo first hand, we’ve assembled a gallery of images below that reflect the fun, energy and excitement we experienced at this years event. Enjoy!