What We Do

In the world of retail sales and product merchandising, paying attention to the slightest of details is paramount, as sales are driven by market forces that dictate consumer behavior. Even with today’s consumer and economy on the upswing, merchandising is more critical to sales success than before the recent great recession.

Today’s consumer is presented with more choices, brands, and variations than ever before and consistently inundated with demands for their immediate attention. The pressure to capture the attention and imagination of niche audiences have never been more competitive than today’s environment. The need to score a home run via grocery displays, end caps and planogram implementation is required to net sustainable success.

If you’re seeking to net sustainable and consistent results, below are key services we provide to ensure goals are reached, and objectives met.

Our team is versed in all aspects of product marketing and merchandise management. We specialize in cultivating and transforming brand advocates into sustainable product buyers. Our brand ambassadors are capable of connecting consumers with products by using eye-catching and conversation-starting displays that peak interest and convert sales. Let us help you boost product sales. Reach out to us today for a free consultation.

Useful Tips to Enhance Your Food Marketing Strategy


The grocery aisles are ripe with variety and competition, as manufacturers and dueling food companies rely on compelling advertising and marketing strategies to gain and sustain market share. While a comprehensive food marketing strategy consists of several moving parts, understanding best practices and knowing your audience is key to success. Get useful tips to enhance your food marketing strategy by downloading our free eBook.

In Store Execution

In-store execution is full of unpredictable challenges and pitfalls, thus we work diligently to help our clients avoid many predictable bottlenecks and issues before they happen. As a full service merchandising grocery product brokerage, we diligently review your program goals and objectives before you invest a penny and identify potential execution problems that cause mistakes, delays and work stoppages. Problems and challenges cost time, money and negatively affect in-store compliance and consumer experience.

Local & Nationwide Rollouts

Whether your program requires fixture installs, display installations, product racks, POP placement and/or maintenance, our team of gurus is ready to execute your next rollout or promotion on schedule and within budget.

In this day and age a reliable and experienced merchandising partner ensures timely program implementation that is executed with precision and delivered to specification. We understand the large investment of time, energy and resources you dedicate in producing your merchandising, thus you deserve a partner who will equally invest in your success and provide niche training, custom processes and dedicated employees who monitor, maintain and net results 365 days a year.

Display Installation

Impactful visual impressions is the key to capturing sales and increasing revenue regardless of product or retail setting, thus we understand that each display install is unique and must be treated on a one-off basis. Using a cookie cutter approach in a grocery store or retail environment often misses the mark and leaves much to be desired in terms of inventory movement and sales volume.

Our ability to execute and meet your exact compliance standards is how performance is measured, which is why we adhere to your instructions and specifications to ensure optimal messaging, placement and responsiveness of your display. Our experienced team of merchandising specialist harness skills for all elements of retail display installation. Our project managers and team leaders work diligently to stay two steps ahead and work through challenges they encounter in any retail store environment.

Pop Installs

Pop Installs are for Pros and helping clients integrate thriving displays is what we do best. If you need Pop Materials for your local, regional or national retail locations, we can help. Since Pop Install timing and execution is critical, our team will oversee the entire process from start to finish and adhere to in-store compliance policies to avoid miss-steps or delays.

We collaborate with fixture, display and graphics vendors to ensure optimal quality and timely completion. Our experience and expertise allows us to provide unique insight into the installation process and enables us with the ability to better control costs.

With our nationwide POP install capabilities, we are able to ramp up quickly for large scale and multi-location projects. The retail sales environment is dynamic, which is why our team focuses intently on minimizing any disruptions during the installation process.

Tradeshow – Photo of Expo Ground Floor

Supermarket Trade Show buyers looking for new vendors for seasonal and point of purchase grocery merchandise rely on the FreshSource to prominently position and display fresh products to prospective buyers in real time. If you’re looking to gain traction or win a deal with a local/national buyer via tradeshow, we can help.