Case Studies

The Fresh Source team focuses on all aspects of in-store retail sales and merchandising, effectively helping companies of all stripes compete, manage and win market share 24/7/365. Our high-touch approach ensures the utmost attention to detail, providing value to our clients both in cost savings and increased profits.

Below are examples of how we support and reinforce the goals of our clients:

Foxy: Success Story: Strategic Product Placement

Bing: Success Story: The Power of Co-Merchandising

Taylor Farms: 3-Tiered Program Nets Success

Superior Grocers: Success Story: It Pays to Play

How to Avoid the Most Prevalent Food Labeling Mistakes

how to avoid food label mistakes

Food labeling errors have fast become both a costly and brand-damaging issue for food manufacturers. Labeling issues are among the main reasons for food recalls. With ingredients, barcodes, SKUs, material items, and item codes competing for space on food packaging, errors and mistakes inevitably slip through the creative process. Find out how to avoid the most prevalent food labeling mistakes by downloading our free eBook below.