Our COVID-19 Response: Tell us where you need us.

FreshSource COVID

Our COVID-19 Response: Tell us where you need us.

Robert Thompson
Founder and CEO, FreshSource, LLC


“A call to action has been heard. While many industries and communities around the world are upside down, the fresh produce industry is rallying to help ensure retail partners’ shelves are as stocked as possible. One of those companies bringing support to this essential goal is the FreshSource team, an industry advocate that has temporarily switched up its offerings to assist its retail partners and the industry at large.”

“This is our lifeblood; if we don’t get it out there, the bottleneck only gets worse,” Robert Thompson, Founder and CEO, tells me. In the midst of the emptying shelves and panic-buying, he went to vendors and got approval to spare employees to assist retail partners in need.

You might ask what this temporary switch-up entails. I certainly did.

“Anything they need,” Robert answers. “We got calls from executives at several major retailers, and I sent out a message to the team about how they need us. We told those retailers we will give you our team and just help. We are stacking potatoes, bananas, providing additional hands wherever we can because you can’t get product off the truck and onto shelves fast enough.”

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