The Newest Plastic Packaging Solutions for Produce

The Newest Plastic Packaging Solutions for Produce

The recyclability of plastic produce packaging is important to today’s ecologically conscious consumers. Though the realities of packaging and recycling are often challenging, innovative companies and industry experts are continuously discovering and creating new solutions.

Fresh Source President Scot Olson was recently honored to moderate a panel of these trailblazers for online trade magazine The Packer. The fascinating discussion including suggestions for navigating, developing, and implementing plastic packaging sustainable solutions as well as making improvements in current and future plastic packaging sustainability programs while meeting the demands of consumers, manufacturers, and legislators.

The panelists included:

  • Kevin Kelly, CEO of Emerald Packaging
  • Kip Martin, Produce Category Merchant for Raley’s Family of Fine Stores
  • Brian Cook, CEO of Hollandia Produce/Pete’s
  • Kristen Holden, Senior Brand Manager at Mariani Nut Company

You can view a recording of the panel discussion in its entirety for free here.