Brand Management

Today’s retail and grocery environment is ultra-competitive and moving higher volumes of inventory on a consistent basis requires a synergy between sales and marketing. If your branding is poorly executed your sales will surely feel the pinch, as consumers at large assess your packaging, messaging and value proposition by where your product is physically located on a rack, in the store and neighboring inventory.

Likewise if you’re solely focusing on Sales without solidifying your brand, the customer may never connect with your story and completely miss your product all together. FreshSource combines both Account & Brand Management to bring you fully comprehensive solution that is conducive to yielding consistent results.


Our Account & Brand Management programs provide end-to-end oversight, as we dedicate key personnel to all critical phases of branding, marketing, sales and distribution. We deploy a hands’ on approach, ensuring our clients receive the best staging, signage and in-store promotion to make an impact in both sales and sustainable revenue growth.