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Over thirty years ago Leo and Suzette Overgaag started their own family farm from a shoestring budget and have grown into more than 10 acres of hydroponically grown greenhouse space. In the mid-1990’s they delivered the first full line of living herbs sold in the refrigerated section of the grocery store lasting up to three times longer than their fresh cut counterparts.

North Shore Living Herbs + Greens delivers a premium culinary experience with fresh, living herbs farm to your family’s table. They have spent years creating the ideal environment to grow culinary herbs with detail to tenderness, exquisite flavor, enticing aroma and enhanced shelf life. From the deliciously sweet peppery basil to velvety smooth sage, fresh herbs are a simple and healthy way to make any beverage, appetizer, meal or dessert extraordinary.

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Herbs and Greens

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North Shore Arugula

Arugula is also known as rocket, rucola, and roquette. It originated in the Mediterranean and has been a long-time favorite in Italian cooking. The ancient Romans ate arugula for good luck and it was an ingredient in various aphrodisiac potions throughout the ages. Arugula is rich in vitamin C and potassium.


north shore basil

Basil has a clove-like flavor with a strong, pungent, sweet smell. It is the ultimate complement to tomatoes, and also pairs nicely with onions, garlic, and olives. Basil is most well-known for its role in Italian cuisine; however, it is also often used in Asian cuisine.


North Shore Living Herbs Oregano

Oregano has a spicy and pungent flavor, similar to marjoram but not as sweet. This is a very bold herb and using it will make a dramatic impact in any recipe; a small amount goes a long way. Adding full sprigs of oregano to the cavity of poultry or fish can add subtle flavor while the meat is cooking.


North Shore Living Herbs Rosemary

The taste of rosemary is a cross between sage and lavender with a touch of ginger and camphor, sometimes described as peppery, warm, spicy, and resinous with a hint of bitterness. Full sprigs of rosemary will impart dramatic flavor and can be used by inserting them into the cavity or under the skin of poultry or fish so the flavor can seep into the meat while it is cooked; remove the sprigs before eating.

News & Updates from North Shore Living Herbs

New Recipe From North Shore Living Herbs: Basil Infused Water

Refreshing and tasty infused water to keep you hydrated all day long Slice the strawberries and cucumber, and gently tear basil leaves before adding everything to a pitcher. Top with ice and fill with water….

Basil Infused Water recipe