Client Feature: The Ocean Mist

Headquartered in Castroville, California, The Ocean Mist Farms is the largest grower of fresh artichokes in the United States. Farming artichokes year-round in three ideal California growing regions: Castroville, Oxnard and Coachella – plus Baja, California – each area is known for fertile ground and productive microclimates. Castroville is, in fact, known as “The Artichoke Capital of the World” and Artichokes were named the official state vegetable of California in 2013!

In addition to artichokes, The Ocean Mist Farms grows a full line of premium, fresh vegetables year-round in multiple growing regions throughout California (Castroville, Huron, Oxnard, Coachella and Imperial Valley), Arizona (Yuma) and Mexico.

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Ocean Mist Farms In-Store Products



Globe artichokes are a large and meaty variety that Ocean Mist Farms produces year-round. In the spring, our Gold Standard artichokes are grown in Castroville, CA and during the winter months, artichokes are grown in the Coachella Valley, a dry desert region of Southern California.



Asparagus is nearly grown year-round, taking a break in production during July and August. Grown in prime regions to produce the most flavorful, fresh product of superior quality. In fact, the harvest teams and quality assurance inspectors make sure that only the highest quality asparagus spears are harvested, packed and delivered.

Brussels Sprouts


Simplify dinner time with microwavable whole Brussels sprouts. Simply open the resealable bag, drizzle or sprinkle in your favorite seasonings like salt, pepper, olive oil, garlic salt or chicken broth. Reseal and microwave for five minutes. Finish them off by roasting in the oven or on the grill.


Ocean Mist Cauliflower

A popular “carb replacement” for its unique texture and flavor, cauliflower can be enjoyed by itself or in a savory dish. Roasted, riced, grilled and sautéed are just a few of the ways to prepare this versatile and nutritious fresh vegetable.

News & Updates from Ocean Mist

New: Farms Frost Kissed® Artichokes Available

Ocean Mist Farms, the leading grower and marketer of fresh artichokes, welcomes the first Farms Frost Kissed® crop of the season. Each Frost Kissed® Artichoke includes a petal insert to let the shopper know about this unique condition…

Ocean Mist Frost Kissed Artichoke