Client Feature: Local Bounti

Pete’s people, products and philosophies exist within greenhouse walls. It’s where they grow some of the highest-quality, best-tasting greens available. It’s where they strive to protect the land and all its precious resources.

Pete's Living Salad

Local Bounti’s In-Store Products

Romaine Crisp

Petes Romaine Crisp

Hydroponically greenhouse grown tender romaine and crunchy green leaf.

Butter Lettuce

Petes Organic Butter Lettuce

They go well beyond the traditional salad and serve as the perfect low-carb alternative for burgers, tacos and beyond.

Spring Mix

Petes Spring Mix

Hydroponically greenhouse grown green leaf, red leaf, oak leaf, romaine & butter lettuce. Earth-friendly packaging.


Wondercress Pete's

The super-ist of superfoods is actually Cress. Packed with nutrition. Moderate, peppery flavors.

News & Updates from Local Bounti

New Recipe: Thai Salad with Creamy Ginger Dressing

To create this refreshing and delicious salad, you start with 2 heads Pete’s Living Bouquet Lettuce, torn, 2 cups Napa cabbage, shredded, 1 cup Pete’s Living Upland Cress or Organic Watercress…

Pete's Thai Salad