Client Feature: St. Pierre

Inspired by Parisian café culture, with a passion for quality and a love of good brioche, pastries, crêpes and waffles, St. Pierre aims to add a touch of Paris to every meal, everywhere.

st pierre

St.Pierre In-Store Products

Brioche Burger Buns

st.pierre buns

St.Pierre Brioche Burger Buns are pre-sliced and deliciously soft, ready to be filled with your favorite burger and toppings. A perfectly golden and plump texture holds your fillings together for a satisfying bite every time. They are lightly sweet, and the shiny glaze on top of each bun makes every bite magnifique.

Brioche Loaf

st. pierre brioche loaf

Pre-sliced, utterly decadent and completely delicious, our sliced Brioche Loaf will make the ideal addition to your table. With a lightly sweet taste, delicate texture and irresistible richness, St Pierre’s Brioche Loaf is delicious as is or simply toasted as a snack, and as an addition to any meal.

Chocolate & Hazelnut Crepes

St. Pierre Crepes

A lace thin crêpe wrapped around a smooth, rich, chocolate and hazelnut filling. Like a romantic Parisian night, St. Pierre crêpes are a feast for the senses, and a perfect snack for on the go.

Butter Mini Croissants

st. pierre butter croissants

Fresh, flaky and a true taste of France. Made from an authentic recipe, they are a buttery treat that melt in your mouth, as if they’ve just come straight out of the oven at a Parisian bakery.

News & Updates from St. Pierre

St Pierre’s New Look

St Pierre has something very exciting to reveal to you all – St Pierre has a new look! Say bonjour to their new look! They have gone through a makeover and you will start to see the new logo in your local grocery stores very soon…

st pierre new look