Client Feature: The Little Potato Company

The Little Potato Company believes that millions of people are either not getting enough food or getting too much of the wrong food. They are on a mission to better feed the world. Potatoes are one of the world’s most efficient crops. Not only are they good for you, they’re good for the environment. Their goal is to cultivate potatoes that are again full of flavor and bursting with nutrition.

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The Little Potato Company In-Store Products

Boomer Gold

Little Potato Company Boomer Gold

This naturally buttery Creamer potato is a family favorite and their signature Creamer potato. The Boomer Gold varietal is coveted for its exquisite combination of delicate golden skin, velvety flesh, and naturally buttery flavor. They have carefully selected every Boomer Gold for consistent sizing to ensure they all cook quickly and evenly whether roasted, boiled, or microwaved.

Blushing Belle

The Little Potato Company, Blushing Belle

Blushing Belle packs a ton of sweet nutrients in its blushing red skin.
Blushing Belle is the Little Potato Company’s signature red Creamer potato, originating from one of the oldest breeding farms in Europe. Blushing red skin complements the yellow center noted for its smooth, velvety texture. The thin skin is slightly sweet, an intriguing contrast to the Creamer’s otherwise earthy and vegetal taste. Tiny hints of white asparagus and artichoke are detectable.

Garlic Parsley

Little Potato Company Garlic Parsley

An exciting blend of leafed parsley, sweet garlic, and hand-picked herbs with red Creamer potatoes. Cooked in only 5 minutes, you can have a gourmet meal on the table. The proprietary BPA-free container has been designed with easy-to-hold tabs and pour spouts for easy plating.

Lemon & Garden Herb

Lemon and Garden Herb

Inspired by the bright, fresh flavors of the Mediterranean, Lemon & Garden Herb is a delicate complement of garden herbs, with a gentle hint of lemon. The convenient Microwave Ready product includes fresh Creamer potatoes in a pre-packaged steam tray with seasoning pack. Creamer potatoes are ready in just 5 minutes… perfect for busy weeknights.

News & Updates from The Little Potato Company

The Little Potato Company Unveils New Packaging

The Little Potato Company was excited to announce that they have brand new packaging for thee 1.5 and 3 lb bagged product line. With this next evolution of packaging, they’re showcasing fresh Creamer potatoes better than ever before…

New Packaging