Client Feature: Veg Fresh

Veg-Fresh Farms partners with farmers in California and Mexico to provide year-round conventional and organic fresh fruits and vegetables. This includes an organic melon program out of Firebaugh, CA, strawberries out of Santa Maria, CA, and tomatoes in Ensenada, Culiacan, and Sayula, MX. These partnerships allow a consistent year-round supply.

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Veg Fresh Farms

Veg Fresh In-Store Products

Bell Peppers

Veg Fresh Peppers

Sweet delicious bell peppers are a versatile vegetable that can both be cooked and served raw. Crunchy and sweet, sliced raw bell peppers add color and crunch to crudités and salads.



The darlings of the berry category, strawberries are produced year round in California, and provide a centerpiece to showcase your berry displays.


Veg Fresh Cantaloupe

Cantaloupe is one of the most common melons and a must have in your melon display. These California grown melons are available year round and can be featured at peak melon season and throughout the year in secondary displays.


Veg Fresh Mangos

Mangos are one of the world’s most popular fruits and are the perfect addition to your tropical set. Remember, do not judge a mango by its color – red does not mean ripe.

News & Updates from Veg Fresh

VegFresh Recipe: Baby Heirloom Tomatoes & Avocado Salad

A new and delicious recipe from VegFresh featuring their 10 oz clamshell baby heirloom tomatoes.

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Meet VegFresh Sweet King Tomatoes

From Veg Fresh Farms, this vine ripe tomato is exclusive to VegFresh Farms, and will be the best tomato you’ve ever had. Expect perfect slices, full flavor, and deep, beautiful red color every time! Grown in Baja, Mexico in both shade house and open field.