Client Feature: Vive Organic

Vive Organic was created by a team of friends to bring fresh-pressed immunity to the world. With backgrounds in sales, hustling to get Vive into the hands of customers, they brought the passion for responsible farming and expertise in scaling organic food startups. Together they quickly grew this from a humble Southern California family office to an international operation.

Vive Organic

Vive Organic In-Store Products

Immunity Boost Original

vive organic

Vive Organic Immunity Boost Original shot is power-packed with a blend of roots, fruits, and flowers for the ultimate immune system strengthener. Have it in the morning, on your way to work, school drop-offs, or before an important event, these superfoods work together to fight for you.

Pure Boost Vitamin C

Pure Boost Vitamin C

The Vitamin C boost with a kick! This Pure Boost Vitamin C is the strongest, purest immunity shot, fresh from the farm. Jumpstart your day with an extra strong dose of 500mg of fresh pressed Vitamin C.

Energy + Immunity

Dual Boost Shots

This Dual Boost Energy + Immunity shot is power-packed with Earth’s most powerful nootropics and adaptogens, with a blend of organic roots and fruits for the ultimate daily immune system strengthening. Vive organic wellness rescue, We solved the need for all-natural energy with fresh pressed focus to get you through the day.

Wellness Rescue Garlic

vive organic wellness rescue garlic

This Wellness Rescue with Garlic shot is a balanced blend of some of nature’s most potent superherbs that packs a punch when you need it. Take 1-3 shots to support a speedy recovery (especially when you’re feeling low and need a boost.)

News & Updates from Vive Organic

New Product: Vive Organic is Now Carbon Trust Measured

Caring for our planet is essential to holistic wellness. For people to be healthy, we need a healthy planet. For a planet to be healthy, we need healthy people. Since their launch, VO has prioritized the following things to ensure they leave the smallest carbon footprint…

vive organic carbon measured