Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson, Founder

FreshSource Robert Thomson

Robert Thompson is the Founder of FreshSource, LLC. His passion for helping brands grow and flourish is the driving force for why he started this business. As most kids set off to enjoy their summertime vacations, Robert decided to spend his time working as a salesman for a local print and photocopy company—who then later offered to hire him full-time at the tender age of fourteen. Growing up in Silicon Valley provided Robert with a range of professional opportunities. After harnessing his management skills at McDonald’s, he was offered a job to work for Bay Area fresh grocer, Tony Tantillo (Southbay Banana). From there he worked for other well regarded produce companies ultimately ending up at Del Monte, where he worked his way up to Western Regional Director. It was at this juncture in his career that Robert decided to go on his own – in which he led a start-up wholesale produce company to a multi-million dollar enterprise. Outside of the office, Robert enjoys spending time with his family and entertaining his friends – hosting BBQs, attending events and contributing to his community.

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Impossible is Nothing!