Client Feature: Bare – Baked Crunchy

Born from a simple question – how could the apples grown on a family farm in Washington be enjoyed after harvest season ended? The answer was found by slicing and baking apples into a surprisingly crunchy snack. This delicious approach to snacking quickly caught on. Farmer’s markets and local shops around Seattle began stocking their apple chips, eventually sharing the goodness of bare snacks far beyond the family orchard.

bare foods

Bare Products

Fuji & Reds Apple

Bare Red Apple

Real apples, baked ’till they’re crave-ably crunchy.

Cinnamon Apple

Bare Cinnamon Apple Chips

Apples and cinnamon – real apples, baked ’till they’re crave-ably crunchy.

Simply Banana

Bare Simply Banana Chips

Real bananas, baked ’till they’re crave-ably crunchy.

Toasted Coconut

Bare Toasted Coconut Chips

Coconuts, baked ’till they’re perfectly toasted.

News & Updates from Bare

New Recipe: Apple Cheddar Bites

Starting with 1½ cups crushed Bare Fuji & Reds Apple Chips, Bare will show you how to make a shareable dish with you and your family…

Bare Apple Cheddar Bites