Client Feature: Earthbound Farm

The Earthbound Farm founders chose to farm organically on their 2 ½–acre patch of land in Carmel Valley in 1984 because that meant growing food in harmony with nature. With roots running all the way back to that little backyard farm, they still have love for the land and for wholesome food. Today they’re farming organically on thousands of crop acres with many, many farmers all carrying on that passionate commitment.

Earthbound Farm
Earthbound Farm Celery

Earthbound Farm Products

Organic Spinach and Arugula

earthbound -arugula earthbound farm

Fresh and flavorful baby spinach and arugula, ready for salads, sautés and more.

Frozen Organic Triple Berry

Earthbound triple berry blend

A convenient blend of premium organic blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

Organic Classic Caesar Kit

Earthbound Farm Organic Caesar Kit

A classic, restaurant-quality Caesar Salad, easy to toss together quickly at home for everyday dinner or entertaining.

Organic Brussel Sprouts

Earthbound Farm Brussel Sprouts

Ready to slice and caramelize to crispy, nutty, savory gloriousness or shave for a fresh and crunchy salad.

News & Updates from Earthbound Farm

Doing Their Part to Part with Plastic

27% less plastic. The new Peel + Reseal lid reduces the plastic in the entire package (not just the lid) by 27%! This is by far the biggest and most important benefit of moving from our rigid plastic lids to Peel + Reseal…

Earthbound Farm reduces plastic use