Client Feature: Sugiyo USA

Healthy, sustainable seafood at Sugiyo USA. Created out of the mindful traditions of Japan and crafted by the experts in Anacortes, Washington. They take the finest from the ocean to bring you the best quality, texture, and flavor in the “Surimi” industry. Sugiyo USA strives to make a delicious and healthy seafood product that can be easily enjoyed as a sustainable, nutritious, affordable protein.

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Sugiyo, USA In-Store Products

Alaskan Snow Legs

Alaskan Snow Legs Sugiyo

High quality Alaskan Pollock and Snow Crabmeat is blended to create a succulent and slightly sweet flavor and tender texture that closely approximates King crab leg meat. The natural external appearance is very similar to natural King crab leg sections. ALASKAN Snow Legs® are sustainably made from wild caught Alaskan fish and are a healthy choice at 10 grams of protein per serving.

Alaskan Snow Shred

Sugiyo Alaskan Snow Shred

Alaskan Pollock and Crab formed into firmer yet soft fibers of crab body style meat that “fluff up” and extends with excellent volume—use less product and save labor and cost. Perfect for applications like pizzas, salads, sandwiches, dips, fritters and many more hot and cold applications.

Ocean Leg Stick

Sugiyo Ocean Leg Stick

Sushi-grade quality from the company that invented it. Comparable to specialty Japanese stick imports at significantly less cost and consistent supply. Created for sushi and fusion chefs by our traditional research specialists. For Makizushi, snacking, Tempura, and other hot or cold applications.

Sugiyo Contempo III

Contempo III

Sugiyo Contempo Flake is made with Wild Caught Alaskan Pollock and real Snow Crabmeat and processed with care to deliver superior flavor, texture, and appearance over other surimi seafoods. Can be mixed gradually to preserve larger flakes or mixed more vigorously to create a more fibrous appearance. Contempo flakes will outperform the competitive flakes in plain taste tests, and in all recipes.

News & Updates from Sugiyo USA

New Recipe:Cheesy Mac Seafood Casserole

A new twist on an American classic. “Mac and Cheese” lovers can get a protein boost by adding ALASKAN Snow Legs® to their favorite meal…