Success Story: 3 Tiered Program Nets Success

Situation: Taylor Farms needs a partner who can manage all key aspects of merchandising and retail sales for products across the U.S., which requires an orchestrated team of tacticians to coordinate and manage in-store product programs; displays, end-caps, etc.

Solution: FreshSource produced a 3 tier program that focused on managing equipment, identifying cost savings/growth opportunities, and out-of-stocks. Leveraging consumer research, we understood that placing Taylor Farms products in refrigerated end cap displays as opposed to just the salad aisle would increase exposure and unit sales.

  • Equipment: From equipment installation to store refurbishments that require entire salad sections to be pulled from a display case, our team re-installs equipment and resets product routinely ensuring a consumer experience that is conducive to sales.
  • Schematics: Continually monitoring schematic integrity, we consistently identify items that do not belong in the Taylor Farms set. Without continual observation and analysis, Taylor Farms square footage inside the grocery store would decrease weekly.
  • Out-Of-Stocks: Our team identifies whether there is a need to block a section down, quickly determining OOS and verifying backroom product availability. If no product remains in store, we place a suggested order for the PM.

Results: Ensuring products are optimally displayed, positioned, and stocked creates a competitive, appealing option that local consumers find impossible to pass up.