There is an average of 750+ products in the produce department. How do we ensure that yours stays Top of Mind? Download our free white paper to learn about the top 5 mistakes that manufacturers make when approaching the market.

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What We Do

We Help Product Vendors & Retailers Sell More Products

FreshSource created the first integrated in-store merchandising and retail sales program in the U.S. While our competitors outsource the most critical functions to third-party support providers, we invest in putting our own merchandisers in the field and managing all aspects of our clients' and partners' needs under one roof.

In-Store Merchandising

Tradeshow Representation

Retail Sales Management

Onsite Execution 25/7/365

Successful In-Store Product Resets

How We Help

Numbers don't lie. Products represented by FreshSource experience an increase in sales, brand awareness and exposure. Our merchandisers deploy a hands-on approach to managing, evaluating and restocking your products 24/7/365. We distribute timely reports from the field, keeping you visually in the loop and informed on a regular basis.

Gourmet Garden Performance

The popularity of Gourmet Garden's new Lightly Dried Herbs and Spices range has resulted in a multi-million dollar expansion and the creation of 50 new jobs at its Sunshine Coast herb prepping facility. Gourmet Garden CEO, Nick White, said he was delighted with the response to the launch and hoped the new click-n-stack range would lead to even greater consumer demand. “We’re delighted with the response we’ve had to the new products so far, which has exceeded all expectations,” he said.

Nature Sweet Performance

Numbers speak for themselves...
Fresh Source North Reps set up shippers in 62 stores
  • 1 Shipper in 35 stores
  • 2 Shippers in 19 stores
  • 3 Shippers in 4 stores!
  • 4 Shippers in 4 stores!!!
Promotional schedule
  • Lucky: 2/$4 TPR from 2/18 to 3/3
  • Save Mart: 2/$5 2/18 to 2/24, 2/$4 AD 2/25 to 3/3
SALES RECAP for — Total Sales Lift was Amazing for this program out cannibalizing the two other skus!

(numbers below do not include the last 4 days of sales)

FreshSource, LLC Sales & Merchandising is proud to announce the recent hire of Mike Casazza, as the President of FreshSource, LLC- Southwest Region.

FreshSource, LLC Sales & Merchandising is proud to announce the recent hire of Mike Casazza, as the President of FreshSource, LLC- Southwest Region. "FreshSource is proud to have such a tremendous talent join our family. We are confident that Mike will add a great deal of value to the services we … [Read More...]

FreshSource, LLC Sales & Merchandising promotes Natalie Junqueiro Machado to National Director of Marketing

FreshSource, LLC Sales & Merchandising is thrilled to announce the promotion of Natalie Junqueiro Machado to National Director of Marketing at FreshSource, LLC. "Natalie has been a solid Marketing Manager for the Southern California division and this promotion will elevate Natalie's … [Read More...]

What Our Clients Have to Say

  • These sets look great! Thank you Nader and everyone else who has helped the retail execution of Bolthouse. You have grown the brand significantly in Superior.

    Wm. Bolthouse Farms Inc.
  • This success story is one of the many reasons I love the industry we’re in! Started with 8 skus, then upsold another 3 today. Thank you FreshSource for lending the opportunity to bridge this communication gap…good stuff! ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­

    Retail Sales Manager
  • You guys are really making this difficult on all the other brokers in the US that we have to work with.... With this kind of service, it makes it difficult for them to match your level of service.

    Bing Beverage Company
  • Thank you Natalie and thank you to the whole FreshSource North and South team. You all consistently show us that you are the best in the business to work with!!!

    Craig Keating
    Key Account Sales

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5 Common Marketing Mistakes Manufacturers Make When Approaching the Marketplace

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If you're like many middle market U.S. manufacturers, you've done fine without paying much attention to marketing. Why change now? Because the world has changed. Customers care more about price and are being lured by lower cost imports. All of a sudden the marketing mistakes that didn't matter before are coming back to bite you. Fixing them will make a difference.

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Who We Are

FreshSource is a premier West Coast Brokerage company that developed its start due to the demand of companies that yearned to become clients. We understand the daunting task of capturing the attention and imagination of an ever-evolving consumer in today's competitive marketplace. Hence, we committed our company to cultivating sales, delivering key services, and ensuring goals and objectives are met for each of our clients.

If you're seeking to net sustainable and consistent results, please contact us to discuss further your company's future sales, retail support and merchandising needs. We look forward to building a strong partnership with you and your company.

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